Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Champions at Western Michigan Regional

On Saturday, our team won it's first regional competition in our 7 year history! The 2006 team has truely created something special. For a small team that consists of more than 50% rookie students, it's phenomenal that we created a machine that works as perfectly as Darkside does. Our alliance consisting of us, Team 70 (The Martians) and Team 503 (Frog Force) was up against some really tough competition, especially in the finals where we faced an alliance of Team 85 (B.O.B), Team 27 (Rush) and Team 910 (Foley Freeze). They were three magnificent robots, and they gave us quite a fight in the finals. We never could have done it if it wasn't for our talented field crew, our awesomely fast and efficient pit crew, our ambassadors who ensured that we would be picked by one of the top teams (we were the 16th seed), and our scouts who spent all weekend in the stands analyzing the strategy of every team and finding ways to beat them. The students on the team would also like to thank of of our wonderful advisors who have spent so much time and energy helping to turn this team of rookies into pros. And of course, we never could have done it without the help of The Martians and Frog Force. Finally, I would like to congratulate our partners, Frog Force, on winning the Western Michigan Regional Chairman's Award. We wish them the best of luck in the running for the national award.


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